Manufacturing Facilities

We have 2 manufacturing facilities, spread over an area of 160,000 square meters in Quanzhou city, close to Xiamen city, which is one of the major sea port and special economic zone in Fujian Province, China. 

At present we have 29 state-of-the-art production lines. Our lines are designed for high performance with flexibility which increases overall production efficiency and minimizes the product cost through high speed solutions, and reduce the impact of size change activities and easily set-up raw materials.

The production runs non-stop, which enables us to produce large volumes and keep up with constant high demands.


We are committed to consistent quality

We make every effort to ensure product quality. We have set up integral quality assurance department to monitor consistent quality of whole manufacturing process.

Advanced high-speed production lines are typically equipped with full servo system, metal detective system and quality assurance vision systems looking at each product to detect defect and waste the defective ones in order to ensure no faulty products are sold in the market.

Achieving, maintaining and improving accuracy and reliability

Our cutting-edge laboratory enables us to detect defect from raw material assessment to finished goods inspection. We procure quality raw materials from renowned suppliers around the globe to ensure high quality & stable products. Our quality control supervisor performs appropriate visual examination of the incoming materials and then follows a prescribed sampling procedure to provide test material for laboratory evaluation. The testing results are compared and reviewed with those acquired by the raw material suppliers.

Similarly every batch of finish products are tested in a laboratory to ensure all product features and functions meet standards.


Innovation is the key to everything the future can be!

To maintain a competitive edge, we constantly invest in the latest high-tech, innovative machines, production lines and lab equipment. All innovation activities are market driven aiming to find the best technological solution in terms of value proposition for our customers.

We investigate new available technologies and implement them in our production lines. We integrate with machine suppliers in design, create and formulate new technical solutions; to improve existing production processes, to add new product features, to handle new raw materials and to continuously reduce time and impact of setup and product change overs.



We’re focused on the well-being and safety of our employees

We give utmost priority on well-being, safety and legal compliance, and we make rigorous efforts throughout our operations to create safe and healthy workplace environment, including improving the safety of our facilities and working conditions and ensuring compliance with basic safety rules, and minimize safety risks by training programs to improve employees' knowledge and skills about health management.

We are proven to be trustworthy

We strive to minimize negative impact on the environment, we support sustainable and safe methods of production that reduces environmental degradation and minimize waste.

All the products are manufactured under the strict international regulations. It is also important to implement leading good manufacturing practices to ensure traceability, transparency and innovative thought.

Our products and production facilities are certified by many internationally recognized certification bodies. These certifications help customers and companies to evaluate whether production facility and product meets specific standards, often related to quality, safety or health. 


Effectively coordinated logistics leads to positive business results

Our logistic department is skillfully handling all aspects of shipping and receiving. We regularly ship containers domestically and internationally, and can assist you with regulatory compliance and required documentation.


Our receiving process uses an organized inspection procedure for all inbound items. All raw materials, samples, and packaging are thoroughly inspected, processed and organized. We employ a strict receiving system that ensures all items are received and registered properly.

We also have a dedicated receiving area under which all shipments are sorted and categorized, to ensure easy distribution and enforce strict receiving protocols, preventing damage and loss.


Our warehouses spread over 100,000 square meters and accommodates various items, such as packaging, raw materials and finish products. Our warehouse inventory management system allows us to plan and coordinate the movement of products timely, safely and effectively.


We aim to have all products delivered as quickly as possible. Whatever your shipping entails, our goal is to meet your specific needs.

We regularly ship containers all over the globe, and routinely work with our client’s carrier of choice, and also work through freight forwarders.

All shipping is inspected by our shipping manager and undergoes a final quality check to ensure that shipments are adequately prepared, secured, and ready for departure.